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PicketLink 2.7.0.CR1 is out!

We’re very pleased to announce PicketLink v2.7.0.CR1 release. This is a major release containing several improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for all feedback from our community. This version was delayed due to a syncronization with EAP roadmap. We apologize for that.

The most significant changes included in this version are related with:

  • Permission API

  • SAML

The Permission API is now supported by the File-based Identity Store. A few issues were also fixed and a new quickstart created to demonstrate how you can use permissions programmatically or using annotations:

Regarding SAML support, there are a few improvements to the PicketLink SAML IdP that provides more flexibility if you want to customize how SAML Assertions are issued, specially when providing your own attributes. You may want to check these links:

Another important improvement was to the Single Logout Support. The PicketLink IdP now supports the Back-Channel Single Logout mode, as described by the link bellow.

On the next releases we’re going to focus on specific performance tests and also to make configuration even easier if you are using CDI.

For more details and release notes, take a look here.

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