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PicketLink 2.6.0.CR4 is out!

The PicketLink team is pleased to announce the release of v2.6.0.CR4.

This is a major release, containing several improvements and covering some new requirements, specially for authorization. We are looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with the new version until we finally reach Final in the next month.

Some of the key aspects covered by this release include:

  • Stateless Authentication Model Reviewed. After some discussions we found better to remove the stereotype and provide a configuration API for PicketLink Base Module. From where you can enable the stateless behavior of the Identity bean.

  • Configuration API for the Base Module, encapsulating both IDM and Authentication configurations. You can now observe a SecurityConfigurationEvent and provide all them from a single place.

  • Security Tokens based on both JWT and JWS specifications. Ideal for people looking for a simple and flexible API to issue and validate JSON-based Security Tokens.

  • Built-in Security Annotations for Authorization. Now you can secure your beans and methods very easily and check for roles, groups, partitions, use EL-based expressions and check if the user is authenticated. Or even define your own security annotation and authorization logic!

  • PicketLink uber jar. This is a new artifact/dependency that packages the most common PicketLink modules and dependencies in a single JAR. So you don’t need to specify them separately in your project. Making a lot easier to configure the PicketLink dependencies.

  • Quickstarts were updated to use the new authorization features. Check them out !

On the next weeks we’re going to focus on documentation, guides and quickstarts. Preparing for Final …​

More details about the issues resolved by this version can be found on the Release Notes.

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