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PicketLink 2.6.0.CR2 is out!

The PicketLink team is pleased to announce the release of v2.6.0.CR2.

This is a major release, containing several improvements and covering some new requirements, specially for HTML5+JS Mobile and RESTFul use cases. We’ve received excellent feedback from the community regarding v2.6.0CR1 release, and are looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with the new version until we finally reach Final.

Some of the key aspects covered by this release include:

  • Stateless Authentication Model, ideal for RESTFul APIs Security and Token-based Authentication.

  • Better support to custom HTTP Authentication Schemes when using the AuthenticationFilter.

  • Security Tokens based on both JWT and JWS specifications. Ideal for people looking for a simple and flexible API to issue and validate JSON-based Security Tokens.

  • Connection Pooling to the LDAP Identity Store.

  • SAML Service Providers are now able to provide a Domain Chooser Page to select the appropriate IdP the user wants to authenticate against.

  • SAML-based example applications are now merged into the PicketLink Quickstarts Repository.

  • All quickstarts are ready to be deployed on both JBoss EAP and WildFly.

The site is also updated with a few guides covering different aspects of PicketLink, giving you some background about some core concepts. More guides and articles are comming, keep an eye on the Getting Started page.

We would like to thank all the community for all contribution and feedback. Special thanks to Maximos Sapranidis for the HTML5+AngularJS+RESTFul Quickstart, which will be available very soon in the quickstarts repository. And also, Jonathan Fuerth for all improvements to the Authentication Filter.

More details about the issues resolved by this version can be found on the Release Notes.

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