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PicketLink 2.7.0.Beta2 is out!

We’re very pleased to announce PicketLink v2.7.0.Beta2 release. This release contains several bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks the community for all feedback about the previous version.

For more details and release notes, take a look here.

PicketLink 2.7.0.Beta1 is out!

We’re very pleased to announce PicketLink v2.7.0.Beta1 release. This is a major release containing several features and improvements.

  • PicketLink Forge Addon

  • Better support for Http and Web Security

  • Configuration improvements to make it even more simple. Specially when working with the JPA Identity Store.

  • Added a new identity store to better handle tokens. Useful to consume tokens and extract identity information from tokens regardless their format.

  • Improvements to the LDAP Identity Store. Thanks to Marek Posolda.

  • Easily turn your application as a Token Provider using any token format such as JWT and JWS.

  • SAML Back-Channel Single Logout.

  • PicketLink SAML and KeyCloak Integration.

  • Better support for JWT and JOSE specifications. Thanks to Giriraj Sharma.

  • Updates to the documentation.

  • Quickstarts were updated to consider some of the configuration changes. New ones added.

  • Bug fixes. See release notes for more details.

The PicketLink Forge Addon is a great step to provide a better experience for developers looking for securing their apps. It provides an initial feature set to easily enable Identity Management, Authentication and Authorization to your project using PicketLink. Thanks for George Gastaldi and Lincoln Baxter, from JBoss Forge, for all support during the development of this addon.

Our community was asking for built-in features for Http and Web Security and one of the outcomes of this release is a set of features to easily secure Web-Based applications, including RESTful applications. Given its path-oriented configuration, the new API provides great flexibility with a deep integration with the Java Servlet API. In a nutshell, every single feature provided by PicketLink is now available to secure your RESTFul endpoints, web pages or any other resources in your application.

Another important aspect of this release is about tokens support. PicketLink now provides an API that you can use to create Token Providers and Consumers, considering any token format you want, including support for the JWT and JWS specifications.

Also, an initial work has began in order to provide built-in integration with PicketLink SAML and KeyCloak. You can easily switch between different identity providers without change a single line of business code in your application. In the next releases we’re going to officialy support this functionality. However, if you want to give it a try, please join us at #picketlink on

For last, please take a look at the quickstarts. Some of them were updated to reflect the improvements to the configuration. Specially when using the JPA Identity Store.

For more details and release notes, take a look here.

JUDCon 2014 Brazil

The International JBoss Users and Developer Conference, and premier JBoss developer event “By Developers, For Developers,” is pleased to announce that the call for papers for JUDCon: 2014 Brazil, which will be held in São Paulo on September 26th, is now open! Got Something to Say? Say it at JUDCon: 2014 Brazil! Call for papers ends at 5 PM on August 22nd, 2014 São Paulo time, and selected speakers will be notified by August 29th, so don’t delay!

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